The Grand Lodge of Africa is involved in several charity projects. Some charities benefiting from us are hospitals, schools, community centres, the elderly, the terminally ill and many more needy members of the society. Please support us in providing this service to mankind. We also invite like minded individuals and organizations in this service.


The values of Freenasonry are based on kindness. honesty abd fairness. Freemasons are taught to practice charity and care not only to their own but also for the community as a whole - both by charitable giving and by voluntary efforts and works as individuals.

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest secular fraternal organisations and comprises a society of men concerned with  moral and spiritual values. For many years Freemasons have followed three guiding principles, which they believe represent a way to achieve higher standards in life:

It is conceivable that we have ourselves created the situation that can cause a brother to vote against a donation to a non-Masonic charity. History tells us that Freemasonry originated as part of a self help movement amongst groups of local stonemasons: very likely the birth of trade groups and philanthropic societies. This, coupled with our teaching in the first degree, gives a powerful argument to the "Keep-it-in-the-family" faction.

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