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Greetings Visitor,


It has come to our attention that there are persons who are using social media sites perporting to belong to the Grand Lodge of Africa. We as a fraternity would like to inform you, , that we have never and will not use social media sites to pass our message or recruit new members into the fraternity.


There are many types of pitfalls when using social media sites. Defamation, infringement of intellectual property, antitrust violations, and disclosure of masonic secrets are all legal risks that every person and association needs to be aware of when posting content on social media sites.


Additionally, not all social media mistakes have only legal consequences. Poorly drafted comments and unintentional postings can create ethical dilemmas and embarrass the association and the members.






Social media postings are permanent and can go viral within a matter of days. Therefore, inappropriate postings can create immediate and lasting damage for the fraternity. Visitor, our official details are as listed below, do not accept or believe any information sent using social media sites, or persons engaging you using the same.


By social media, we mean the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Istagram, Google Plus, Linkeldin, or any other email addresses, e.g google.com or yahoo. com. EMails from the Grand Lodge of Africa end with @africagrandlodge.org. Please inform us if you are contacted from any sources other than the ones listed below, from persons perpoting to represent the Grand Lodge of Africa.


WEB: www.africagrandlodge.org
EMAIL: info@africagrandlodge.org

Office: +254 20 7855 041
Phone: +254 786 699 041

Phone: +254 771 247 559

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